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Can you guess who
Jennifer Aniston
is looking like in this pic?
And what did 
Naomi Campbell do
to help someone?
Does this 
have anything to do
with why John Stamos
has Rob Lowe all smiles?

Jennifer Aniston 
is looking more like
Adriana Lima
in her most recent 
Yahoo pic--
Plum mouth;
Sun-kissed skin
and pursed lips
that are starting to
resemble mastery.
Does Aniston
at how people 
are flipping 
through the pages 
of her life,
while she gets to live it?
Biz Markie drops 
40 pounds
and he gets to 
-give- it
Advice, that is, 
-if he decides to-
on how 
can do anything 
(Look at your watch)
right now!
John Stamos tweets
a picture with Rob Lowe
throwing up
a peace sign behind him,
with the widest smile
Just joined 
the Mile "Lowe" Club."
has just headlined 
Naomi Campbell's next move:
"The supermodel 
will open a pop-up shop 
in Westfield London 
selling designer clothes 
previously owned by her 
and her famous friends 
to raise funds 
for the fight against Ebola".
And can't you just see Naomi 
amongst piles
of Dolce and Gabbana
and Anna Sui?
Like a woman hearing
the Kora 
in Eastern Mali--
She may be walking
a pathway of clay
somewhere far off--
under a harvest 
of these beautiful trees--
but bringing back
what her family needs most?
that's where her heart 
will be--

Like Iggy Azalea
raising her head up
beyond fistfuls of smoke
Or in a new music vid
stunning them 
shaped like an 
Ibo woman
wearing the wind
as her cloak
Or Bow Wow 
losing himself 
in Erica  Mena's
soft soft
Or Naomi Campbell
on Instagram
in shimmering 
unforgettable lace
Or like restless leaves 
in the morning,
for that first touch 
of dew
The more 
you stay on happiness,
the more happiness
comes to you

Rashida Jones, Rob Low
Naomi Campbell,
and Jennifer Lawrence
are doing what...?

Rashida Jones
and Rob Lowe 
on the tv screen
by silver lights
Naomi Campbell
in a dress
the color of
a pomegranate 
in Shanghai 
A teenage girl
feeling alone,
by the diamonds
of New York City 
Jennifer Lawrence
on the cover 
of Vanity Fair
bejeweled by
pieces of the sky
Why is it
that the clay 
in Eastern Morocco 
is so rich
yet draws out impurities
day or night?
Why is it 
that when I forgave
is when I started 
to truly live my life?

Mariska Hargitay,
Naomi Campbell,
Kerry Washington,
Rula Jebreal &
Freida Pinto?  How did
these Beauties end
up in one story?

His kiss in
to me
was one where I tried 
to taste his mouth
as fully as I could.
He wore salt 
along the sides
of his tongue
and its slide 
was like a thought,
he kept repeating.
But he liked 
that I wouldn't 
let him 
go too far.
he's in South Carolina--
and I'm here.
Set on this 
computer screen 
Mariska Hargatay
is bejeweled 
in what looks like
crushed diamonds;
Each  facet
laying across her chest
like a flash of stones.
And then she tweets:
"You are not alone. 
Help, info and hope 
are available 
and 1-800-799-7233 
@ndhv #SVUTacklesDV"
You can almost feel 
a woman rise
and raise her eyes 
and chin up
And the hour subdues
like Cassava 
being cooked
in Nigeria's 
South East--
The hour eases,
like a woman 
searching for 
an armful of
under a Scandinavian 
Naomi Campbell
is tall 
and stunning all--
in DOLCE And
And there's a picture
of Kerry Washington
where her beauty 
almost freezes you
in place--
Set against a window
of pale white
She turns to look at you;
her black dress, trailing--
like the color of so many
restless branches 
at Black Cardon Valley
in rainy season.
"Best little sister Freida....
A family reunion"
The gorgeous Rula Jebreal 
tells her followers--
And in Rula's pic
where she's 
standing next to
Freida Pinto, 
-you can barely tell
the two apart.

And somewhere
there's a woman 
who's been planning
how to break away.
She feels like her heart's
in her throat,
and her hands 
just feel cold--
but she's prepared
to leave him -today--

Angelina Jolie and Naomi Campbell?
How did the two Beauties end up with the same...?
And  what do Gabrielle, Eva, Mario and
a New Author have to do with it?

“I had forgotten 
how good it felt 
to have his lips 
on mine.”
Excerpt From: 
“Letting Go..."
Maria E.
her sweet
profile pic 
to one side 
like a question.
"Oh hello moto... 
a Lil selfie action 
before I hit the 
Gabrielle Union
And her Instagram
is insta-G RA N D
with a warm pic of
intense gaze,
reminding you
of a handful
of gemstones 
catching rainwater 
on an evening
in Palau.
Eva Longoria
is on the red carpet
at the @GlobalGiftGala
in London,
and the Beauty
clutches a rectangular 
and poses
in a long black dress 
that finds;
and winds;
like the Niari river
between Congo
and Gabon.
And look what
Naomi has on--
Towel Series 54 
by @mariotestino--
And Naomi Campbell 
is a towering stunner;
her skin the color of 
the most pristine
Mayan Chocolate
you could find 
at Colhá 
in Northern Belize.
And just as you 
try to figure out 
if Testino 
has a preference
for photographing
women who are 
AND gorgeous...
--You know, 
Naomi Campbell 
has 4 orphanages
and endless work
with charity--
Yahoo breaks
that Testino
has just also photographed 
Lips full;
Chin up;
Eyes trained
to the camera--
with her backdrop.....
the sea---
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